The online event will deliver a new standard of solutions-led talks and discussions driven by original, fresh and influential speakers. Our speakers are genuine experts with experience of providing solutions to mental health in the workplace across the world. If you are interested in submitting a speaker email

Exceptional Keynote Speakers Since Launch

2020 - Tony Adams MBE photo
2020 - Tony Adams MBE
Ex-Arsenal and England Captain, Founder of Sporting Chance Clinic
2020 - Joe Wicks photo
2020 - Joe Wicks
The Body Coach - a British fitness coach, TV presenter and author
2019 - Nadiya Hussain photo
2019 - Nadiya Hussain
Presenter and Author
2019 - Melanie Brown photo
2019 - Melanie Brown
Singer, Songwriter, Author, and Patron of Women’s Aid
2018 - HRH The Duke of Cambridge photo
2018 - HRH The Duke of Cambridge

2020 Speakers

Alison Rose photo
Alison Rose
Chief Executive Officer
Priscilla Baffour photo
Priscilla Baffour
Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion
Kristine Biagiotti-Bridges photo
Kristine Biagiotti-Bridges
Principle Business Consultant
Emma Codd photo
Emma Codd
Global Inclusion Leader
Danielle Young photo
Danielle Young
Regional Lead for Human Performance & Care- Europe, Russia and CIS
Cathryn Crow photo
Cathryn Crow
Head of Performance
Dr Kevin Jablonski photo
Dr Kevin Jablonski
Chief Police Psychologist - LAPD
Becky Thoseby photo
Becky Thoseby
Head of Workplace Wellbeing
Dr Tee Jareonsettasin photo
Dr Tee Jareonsettasin
True Corporations
Mark Berelowitz photo
Mark Berelowitz
Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Aggie Mutuma photo
Aggie Mutuma
Group People Director
Josh Krichefski photo
Josh Krichefski
Global COO
Esther Marshall photo
Esther Marshall
Senior Manager Diversity and Inclusion
Bhavik Shah photo
Bhavik Shah
UK Mental Health Lead
Elly McDowall photo
Elly McDowall
HR Business Partner
Monika Misra photo
Monika Misra
Head of Health & Wellbeing EMEA
Rehana Nanji photo
Rehana Nanji
Learning & Engagement Manager
Becca-Jane Schofield photo
Becca-Jane Schofield
Social Media Lead, Chair of Together Network
Natasha Wilson photo
Natasha Wilson
Senior Manager, Employee Communications
Swetha Akhnoor photo
Swetha Akhnoor
Employment and Education Consultant - India
Adeel Amini photo
Adeel Amini
TV Producer
Dr Aarti Anhal photo
Dr Aarti Anhal
Apurva Asrani photo
Apurva Asrani
Jane Austin photo
Jane Austin
HR Director
Baroness Barran MBE photo
Baroness Barran MBE
Minister for Civil Society
Alexandra Beauregard photo
Alexandra Beauregard
Reader in Organisational Psychology
Jonny Benjamin MBE photo
Jonny Benjamin MBE
Claire Birkenshaw photo
Claire Birkenshaw
Lecturer in Childhood Studies and Education
LeeAnn Black photo
LeeAnn Black
Chief Operating Officer
Sarah Boddey photo
Sarah Boddey
Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, EMEA & APAC
Laurelle Brown photo
Laurelle Brown
Trainer and Consultant
Paul Bulos photo
Paul Bulos
Contracts Director - Orion and Hachette Childrens
Michael Byrne photo
Michael Byrne
Founder & CEO
Yvette Caster photo
Yvette Caster
Freelance journalist, podcaster and speaker
Michael Chan photo
Michael Chan
Programme Manager, Responsible Business
Dr Prabha Chandra photo
Dr Prabha Chandra
Professor of Psychiatry
National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences
Manoj Chandran photo
Manoj Chandran
Bhargav Chandrashekar photo
Bhargav Chandrashekar
Occupational Health Physician
Mariette Clardy-Davis photo
Mariette Clardy-Davis
Owner and Managing Attorney
Julia Clayton photo
Julia Clayton
Vice President and Co-Founder
Richard Clothier photo
Richard Clothier
Campaigner for NHS fertility treatment equality
Mellener Anne Coelho photo
Mellener Anne Coelho
Vice President & India Head- Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Rosie Cook photo
Rosie Cook
UK Head of Inclusion and Diversity
Peter Cooper photo
Peter Cooper
Sr Global Sales Manager, APAC
Harry Corin photo
Harry Corin
Mental Health Advocate
Lee Corless photo
Lee Corless
Vice President
Paul Cossell photo
Paul Cossell
Chief Executive
Naeem Dalal photo
Naeem Dalal
Psychiatrist - Lusaka University Teaching Hospital, Zambia
Laura DeCook photo
Laura DeCook
Mental Health Lead
Fabian Devlin photo
Fabian Devlin
Communications Consultant & Co-author of ‘Big Boys Don’t Cry?’
Devlin Communications
Vieshaka Dutta photo
Vieshaka Dutta
Director Inclusion and Diversity
Dr Michael Eason photo
Dr Michael Eason
Chartered Psychologist, Clinical Director and Co-Founder
Jon East photo
Jon East
Legal Counsultant
Sensus Rem Consulting Ltd
Abigail East photo
Abigail East
HR & Change Consultant
Fatima Azzahra El Azzouzi photo
Fatima Azzahra El Azzouzi
Co-Chair, Equity & Inclusion Steering Committee - Canada
Alisha Fernando photo
Alisha Fernando
Head of Diversity & Inclusion, APAC
Dr Stuart Flint photo
Dr Stuart Flint
Associate Professor
Zoë Fortune photo
Zoë Fortune
Geralyn Giorgio photo
Geralyn Giorgio
Director, Change Management & Communication, Global Services
Jessi Gold photo
Jessi Gold
Assistant Professor and Director of Wellness, Engagement and Outreach - Department of Psychiatry
Washington University, St Louis
Mark Goldstein photo
Mark Goldstein
Emily Hamilton photo
Emily Hamilton
VP Strategic Change
Elizabeth Horner photo
Elizabeth Horner
Registered Nurse and Mental Health Advocate
Nigel Hutchinson photo
Nigel Hutchinson
Director Workplace and Secretarial Solutions
Mathew Hyde photo
Mathew Hyde
Principal Health
Ben Idle photo
Ben Idle
Managing Director
Ashish Vijay Jain photo
Ashish Vijay Jain
Head of Employee Health & Wellbeing – Asia
Deepak Kashyap photo
Deepak Kashyap
Director Corporate Wellness and Diversity
Dr Susan Kahn photo
Dr Susan Kahn
Chartered Psychologist
University of London & The School of Life
Nathan Khan photo
Nathan Khan
Head of Partnerships - LinkedIn Hong Kong
Clare-Louise Knox photo
Clare-Louise Knox
Founder & Business Psychologist
Patrick Krill photo
Patrick Krill
Principal and Founder
Sakshi Kumar photo
Sakshi Kumar
Programme & Content Manager (Diversity & Inclusion in Asia Network)
Sarah Le Brocq photo
Sarah Le Brocq
Lyn R. Lee photo
Lyn R. Lee
Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Katie Legg photo
Katie Legg
Director - Strategy and Partnerships
Enoch Li photo
Enoch Li
Managing Director
Gilbert Li photo
Gilbert Li
Minal Mahtani photo
Minal Mahtani
CEO and Founder
Prakash Mallya photo
Prakash Mallya
Vice President and Managing Director
Mark McLane photo
Mark McLane
Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Well-being
Sarah Mcpake photo
Sarah Mcpake
Head of Talent, Insights & Inclusion
Jan Meurer photo
Jan Meurer
President of South East Asia
Dick Moore photo
Dick Moore
Mental Health Activist
Chintan Patel photo
Chintan Patel
Chief Technologist
Sarahbeth Persiani photo
Sarahbeth Persiani
Founder and Certified Caregiving Educator
Ben Plowden photo
Ben Plowden
Director of Coordination, COVID-19 Restart and Recovery Programme
Katie Potter photo
Katie Potter
Head of Wellness - APAC
Goldman Sachs
Gian Power photo
Gian Power
Founder & CEO
James Pratt photo
James Pratt
Gareth Price photo
Gareth Price
Managing Partner
Suzanne Price photo
Suzanne Price
Representative Director
Hale Pulsifer photo
Hale Pulsifer
VP Customer Accessibility
Serena Quay photo
Serena Quay
Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Asia ex-Japan
Jessy Richards photo
Jessy Richards
Marketing Professional
Peter Sargant photo
Peter Sargant
Chief Executive Officer
Dr Candice Schaefer photo
Dr Candice Schaefer
Global Head of Employee Wellness
Zoe Sinclair photo
Zoe Sinclair
Sky Siu photo
Sky Siu
Executive Director
Anya Sizer photo
Anya Sizer
Regional Organiser
Vickie Skorji photo
Vickie Skorji
TELL Lifeline Director
Suzie Smith photo
Suzie Smith
Content Marketing Manager
Hiscox USA
Debra Sobel photo
Debra Sobel
Managing Partner, Strategy
Sally Spencer-Thomas photo
Sally Spencer-Thomas
Clinical Psychologist
Madeleine Starr MBE photo
Madeleine Starr MBE
Director of Business Development and Innovation
Preston Taylor photo
Preston Taylor
Head of Content Enrichment and Publication
Jonathan Taylor photo
Jonathan Taylor
Senior Psychologist
Odile Thiang photo
Odile Thiang
Anti-Stigma Projects Coordinator
Vivian Tsoi photo
Vivian Tsoi
Caroline Turner photo
Caroline Turner
Charlotte Valeur photo
Charlotte Valeur
Hannah Vaughan Jones photo
Hannah Vaughan Jones
Kate Vernon photo
Kate Vernon
Executive Director
Jaya Virwani photo
Jaya Virwani
Ethics and D&I Leader
Terri White photo
Terri White
Laura Willis photo
Laura Willis
Dr Paul W.C. Wong photo
Dr Paul W.C. Wong
Associate Professor
Lai Chun Wong photo
Lai Chun Wong
Former Senior Assistant Director
Samaritans of Singapore (SOS)
Lee Woolcott-Ellis photo
Lee Woolcott-Ellis
Mental Health Lead Manager
Iestyn Wyn photo
Iestyn Wyn
Campaigns, Policy and Research Manager
Emiley Yeow photo
Emiley Yeow
Chief Operating Officer

This Can Happen 2020

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The content – once again – was brilliant. It is, far and away, the best conference out there.

Alex Bishop, Head of Organisational Development & Inclusion, General Dental Council