The Team

The team behind This Can Happen are a passionate, caring bunch who are committed to improving the wellbeing of working professionals in the UK. We all strive to support companies with their journey through workplace mental health.

Zoe Sinclair photo
Zoe Sinclair
Archie Sinclair photo
Archie Sinclair
Caroline Carr photo
Caroline Carr
Sales and Marketing Director
Henriette Lang photo
Henriette Lang
Customer Services Manager
Emma Helbert photo
Emma Helbert
Commercial Manager
Sheny Lim photo
Sheny Lim
Event Producer
Kate Holgate photo
Kate Holgate
Marketing Executive
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Gee Ibrahim

This Can Happen 2020

Join us on 24 November 2020 for the UK’s biggest workplace mental health conference.


This Can Happen has truly helped to move the needle on mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, providing access to exceptional speakers, innovative ideas and practical solutions for how businesses can work together with staff, customers and broader stakeholders to ensure that everyone can thrive at work and be fully supported with any mental health challenges they may face.

Sarah Boddey, Senior VP, Northern Trust